Slow Fashion

What it is: Slow fashion opposes the destructive one-season throwaway mentality of fast fashion.

We do: Vintage inspired capsule collections of highly durable clothes. We use superior fabrics with a high thread count, and line all our clothes for added strength and comfort.

Fact: 150,000,000,000 new garments are made each year. That’s a lot of waste! Extending the life of clothes by just 9 months would reduce carbon, water, and waste footprints by 20-30%.

Sustainable Clothing

What it is: Sustainable clothing is planet friendly.

We do: All our clothes are GOTS certified. This means all fabrics are organic, and no harmful chemicals are used in farming or dyes. Wastewater is processed before being released, and tags are made of recycled card. Our buttons are resin (plastic free), and we use digital printing, which is far less wasteful of ink and water.

Fact: Producing plastic-based textiles uses about 342,000,000 barrels of oil each year! Using organic natural fibres means less plastic, cancer-causing pesticides and other chemical nasties entering our oceans.

Ethical Clothing

What it is: Ethics concerns social principles.

We do: GOTS certification means all workers in the supply chain have freely chosen their employment and are paid a living wage. No child labour, safe working conditions, and the ability to negotiate employment terms are ensured. We also support a charity with donations of clothes and money.

Fact: 77% of UK retailers believe there is a likelihood of modern slavery in their supply chain. And over 90% of workers in the garment industry cannot negotiate their wages or conditions.

Fair price policy

People typically want seasonal clothing and regular sales. Brands respond by making flimsy clothes at hiked up prices. Clothes are made to last a single season, and sales need high margins to cope with the discounts. We think this is bad practice!

Our fair price policy approaches things differently. Based on manufacturing costs, our price margins are well below industry standard. Conscientious clothing is expensive to make and we cut no corners. But we are on a mission to make ethical clothing affordable (see Our Story). To make this possible, our clothes are sold all year round at fair prices, and we never have sales.