Little Willow is a small, family-run business. I (Charlotte) stick to the creative side, my hubby (Nathan) helps me with the ‘techy’ stuff, and our two boys are my constant inspiration!

I had the idea for Little Willow clothing after I had our first son, who is now 3 years old. I really wanted to be able to dress him in organic ethically-made clothing. But the reality is that these products were always too expensive for me and everything that I did buy he grew out of rapidly!

Then I had an idea. I could design my own affordable ethical clothing. Clothing that was thoughtfully crafted to be durable and environmentally friendly, all in a classic design that wouldn’t go out of fashion. This would mean clothes would last several seasons and prices could be trimmed by never having sales.

The idea of launching my own clothing brand was daunting, but I thought there must be more parents out there like me, and I could help them. And with that, Little Willow was born!